​I am a Personal Trainer & Online Coach Based at Reso24 Gym. In terms of the my history and starting point in getting into fitness & weightlifting started about 5 years ago.


I always had been around fitness/sport from the age of 10, I played football to a high level as I got older till about 18, I sustained an injury in my knee which caused me to stop playing for a period while I was at university, so in the meantime I just went to the gym to keep fit and stay in shape, from this point I really enjoyed being in the gym and weight training, I discovered a passion and obsession with training, and from that point really fell in love with bodybuilding and the idea of improving my physique. Long story short I quit University and became a Personal Trainer and grew a successful business from there. From this I progressed into competing and found my love for it, it was my best experience to date being on stage!

kieran conway pt

Im looking to help individuals achieve those results they have always been striving to achieve. Whether it be about the way a client wants to build his/her physique, build confidence to make training a permanent part of their lifestyle, hit certain numbers in lifts, get back into training from suffering from an injury or ilness, prepare for a holiday, wedding or even a show.  I just want to help people achieve their goals!

These are all aspects to getting into fitness that I can help with and more! However mine main ethos behind getting these goals/results is based on being that hardest worker "Be The Hardest Worker", this is essential for achieving any goals in life, you work for what  you want in life and the effort of the work you put in reflects in the outcome.